24 Hour Emergency Response

Applied Health Physics provides emergency response to radiological incidents through our 24-Hour toll-free phone number (800)-332-6648.  AHP professionals have experience in responding to a variety of radiation-related accidents and situations such as:

Portable Gauges:

  • Damage from large construction vehicles
  • Stuck/malfunctioning shutter mechanism
  • Unusual reading on survey instruments
  • Lost or stolen gauge

 Damaged Line Gauges:

  • Steel roll breakaway
  • Mold overflow
  • Building fire or explosion
  • Equipment malfunction
  • Collision with machinery

Personnel Exposure Determination:

  • Evaluation of elevated exposures to personnel
  • Investigation of actual or suspected overexposure
  • Evaluation of elevated exposures to personnel
  • Evaluation of exposures due to skin or internal contamination

Radioactive Material:

  • Lost source
  • Leaking source
  • Area or equipment contamination
  • Receipt of contaminated package
  • Material identification

Radiation Detection Equipment:

  • Gate or rail monitor alarm
  • Unusually high levels of radiation during a survey
  • Truck or Rail Monitor Alarms
  • High radiation alarms or readings on suspect vehicles
  • Inability to identify radioisotopes
  • Qualitative determination of suspect material


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